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X/1999 for solo20in20 Round 2

01. Nyx: Dark. 02. Cassiopeia: Upside Down. 03. Icarus: Wings. 04. Orpheus: Faceless. 05. Hyacinthus: Red Splashes/Blood.

06. Pandora: Box. 07. Hermes: Motion. 08. Siren: Lyrical. 09. Eos: Dawn. 10. Moirae: Destiny.

11-15. The Nymphs (Nereid | Dryad | Lapades | Aurae | Anthousai)



• I actually finished a claim without rushing myself? AWESOME.
• 01: I do not work with dark colors ever. EVER. Text says "lust", if it's not too clear!
• 06: See that...box thing behind Kamui? YEAH THAT'S IT. Inspired by dashberlin (sobbing)????????
• 07: LMFAO I was gonna for an animated gif of this Fuuma picture where he's floating and I wanted to make it lulzy, but I forgot that I hate doing gif icons, so I made this. MOTION BLURRRRRR.
• 08: Lyrics from Charlotte Martin's Steel: "I am steel, I don't feel (anything at all)".
• 09: THIS WAS THE FIRST THING I MADE and the one that pissed me so much because the concept in my head didn't work. 8|
• 10: UH Literally "Fate of the world in his hands"???
• NYMPHS: For the "Dryad" icon, I was gonna go for that naked Kanoe image, but I made this instead. OOPS.
• so much kamui sobs all over this post
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